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World Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy

world Acupuncture

The authors have drawn on their extensive clinical and instructional experience to compile this text as a resource for practitioners, medical students and teachers, and medical doctors learning TCM. Arranged according to pathocondition, each contains a general statement of definition and disease category, a description of etiology and pathogenesis, a presentation of therapy with syndrome differentiation (denoting main symptoms, therapeutic principle, manipulations, prescription, and explanation of acupuncture treatment) and discussions of other therapeutic methods such as skin needle therapy (e.g., plum blossom, intradermal), liquid acupuncture therapy (injection of herb drugs, vitamins), scalp acupuncture therapy, embedding therapy, and blood-letting therapy.

Simple line drawings at the end of the text illustrate each of the 14 main channels, the auricular points, and individual points or groups of points that require explicit depictions. The appendices provide cross-reference to alpha-numeric, Pinyin, and character names of points for each channel, tables of yin and yang shu points, mu, yuan and luo, xi-cleft, lower he (sea) points, confluence, and influential points. There is a short index of diseases and disorders.

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